The Future: WiFi Cat

I dropped a tweet on this earlier today, but thought I’d drop a quick note here on the blog as well – especially since I’ve been incredibly lazy about blogging lately.  Well, incredibly too busy to blog, actually, but …

A while back, I was approached by a team of entrepreneurs here in Atlanta who were in the planning phases of a new wireless startup called WiFi Cat.  Strange name, I know, but they had a pretty novel idea.  As I tend to do with so many startups these days, I offered my advice on how they could get the venture off the ground from a bootstrapping standpoint.  My advice, of course, is/was worth what they paid for it – zero lol.

At any rate, fast forward.  The team has really made a lot of progress with their model and service, and are finally ready to stand in front of investors and share their story.  I encouraged them to apply to StartupRiot (and CapitalLounge) to start getting their message out there.  They were accepted into both, and will be having their big coming out party at StartupRiot on February 18th here in Atlanta.

I am also thrilled, and flattered, that they asked me to serve on their board of directors, a responsibility that I do not often accept, and one that I take very seriously.  In the case of WiFi Cat, it was really a no-brainer, though.  This technology is going to fundamentally change the WiFi scene, with far reaching implications that will absolutely DWARF the WiMax initiative.

The team also asked if I could present the idea at StartupRiot personally.  While I don’t think I am necessarily the best candidate to pitch the idea (I’d prefer the founders), I think my passion around their idea will serve me well during the presentation.

So, I will see everyone on the 18th at StartupRiot!  Can’t wait until I can finally talk about this deal – and no, i can’t talk about it right now, so please don’t ask!



  1. Am busily Twittering, posting, etc. the WiFi Cat announcement vid today. Meow!

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