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Web 2.0 Sanity Check

Jack Humphrey had a great post this morning summing up why he thinks the Web 2.0 free-for-all is over, yet the Web 2.0 movement is just beginning. A great read, especially if you are an entrepreneur feverishly building an online community, social network, video-sharing site, etc. that you think you are going to sell for …

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December 31, 2006

Technology Cost Comparison: Web 1.0 vs 2.0

Inspired again by this post from Fred Wilson at Union Square Ventures, I began thinking of the differences in the capital required to launch something these days. Much ado has been made over Web 2.0, and how much cheaper it is to build technology solutions these todays. I came across an old proposal that I …

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Quasi-Death of a Web 2.0 Play

As the world moves merrily along towards roughly Web 2.26beta (by my calculations), we are seeing the beginning (I think) of the thinning of the ranks with existing Web 2.0 plays. I received an email the other day from the folks at Fruitcast. Fruitcast is/was a play that catered to providing integrated audio ads for …

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Speaking at the Kettering Executive Network

For those of you who are members of The Kettering Executive Network (an executive networking group here in Atlanta), I will be delivering a presentation entitled “Business Blogging: Leveraging Web 2.0 to Extend Your Personal Brand”. I will provide an overview of business blogging, and share you some solid strategies for taking advantage of blogging …

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