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Last One Off the Clue Train is a Rotten Peach!

Urvaksh over at the Atlanta Business Chronicle recently published an article providing some coverage of the new $250M fund being launched by the State of Florida.  After reading it, I became engulfed in a sea of emotions, ranging from frustration to anger, finally settling on a mix of sadness and reflection. The short version: This …

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Thoughts on Shotput Ventures

If you are seeking early-stage capital in Georgia, and haven’t heard about this by now, you should check out what Sanjay Parekh, David Cummings, Allen Graber, Suleman Ali, Wayt King, and David Wright are doing with Shotput Ventures. You can read more about it on their web site, but basically it is a clone (or …

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Capital Lounge Update

Our next Capital Lounge event is next Wednesday, 8/27, and man is it shaping up to be a good one. As it stands right now, this will be the best investor turn out to date (due I think in large part to the success we’ve had with our Angel Lounge initiative). Right now we have …

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Standing at the Crossroads in the ATL

The crossroads — a place where two roads cross at or about at right angles, otherwise known as “the forks of the road” — is a metaphor used in religious and folkloric belief all around the world. From the legend of the delta blues guitarist Tommy Johnson (no, not Robert Johnson, as some believe), who …

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VC Outlook from Draper Portage

Matt McCall (Draper Portage Ventures) wrote a very interesting post yesterday. In it, he describes the current venture capital landscape as having “flatlined”. Matt is an ultra bright, fairly conservative venture capitalist (at least he was way back when Portage was a key investor in one of my past lives – MetalMaker). A good read …

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Chrysalis Nails Down $163M Fund IV

Our good friends up at Chrysalis Ventures in Kentucky just locked up their 4th fund – a nice $163M warchest. If you are an Atlanta entrepreneur, and you don’t know Chrysalis – you need to, especially if you are in the healthcare, media, or business services sectors. These guys are big supporters of our efforts …

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SB 80: A Critical Piece of Legislation

If you are serious about pushing change here in Atlanta/Georgia around early-stage investing, I would encourage you to read this and do your part to help! The House Retirement committee will take a vote on SB 80, the bill to allow the employee retirement system to invest in certain types of alternate investments. Please email …

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Angel Lounge Recap

Yesterday we held our first “Angel Lounge” meeting in Atlanta as part of our ever-expanding efforts through StartupLounge.com. I’ve been incredibly swamped today, so I’m just getting around to jotting down some of my thoughts on it. The idea is devilishly simple.

GRA’s New venture Fund

According to our good friends Eric Gregg and Allen Maurer at TechJournalSouth, the Georgia Research Alliance is launching a new venture fund (details below). A good move, although I think the amount invested by the state is on the small end. A lot of the research coming out of the universities will require significant amounts …

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StartupLounge CapConn Q1/2008

If you are an early-stage entrepreneur in the Southeast U.S., and you want to come hang out with a couple hundred like-minded investors and entrepreneurs, you won’t want to miss the next StartupLounge.com Capital Connections event. Cheers.

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