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Does the Atlanta Business Chronicle Care?

For the past few years, Justin Rubner has been diligently covering the technology beat here in Atlanta. In particular, I found his coverage of the tech startup scene to be a positive thing for the community. Justin recently left the Chronicle and landed at The Content Factor. However, the Chronicle has yet to replace him, …

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Technology IPOs on the Rise

Dow Jones’ VentureOne published a nice report today, outlining how technology IPOs are back. 7 of the 13 IPOs from Q1/2007 were in the IT/tech space: Company Description Amount Raised Post-IPO Value Switch and Data Shared infrastructure facilities provider $198M $757M Mellanox Technologies Communications, storage, and clustered computing products $102M $579M BigBand Networks Network-based platforms …

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Web 2.0 for The Uninitiated (or Ignorant)

The term “Web 2.0” is (and has been for a while) one of the most over-used and misunderstood phrases in business. I always get a chuckle when someone says they are “all about web 2.0”, when in actuality, they have no clue what it even means. They often use it to represent the “generic comeback” …

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Scaling Your Technology with Your Business

I have been advising a local entrepreneur who is building a really interesting new web play. A great guy, but doesn’t have a deep background in technology. He is starting to see some traction with his service, and is beginning to run into those early scalability hurdles that so many young startups eventually run into. …

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December 31, 2006

Technology Cost Comparison: Web 1.0 vs 2.0

Inspired again by this post from Fred Wilson at Union Square Ventures, I began thinking of the differences in the capital required to launch something these days. Much ado has been made over Web 2.0, and how much cheaper it is to build technology solutions these todays. I came across an old proposal that I …

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Oh, How I’ve Missed That Feeling!

When building a new company, there is an unmistakable feeling you get when you reach the launch date. When those first users are in there, you feel like the weight of the world is off your shoulders. This is the closest that men can ever get to actually birthing a baby. On the other hand, …

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Report: 2006 TAG Excalibur Awards

Bright and early this past Friday morning, about 400 of Atlanta’s technology movers and shakers gathered down in Buckhead in the Venetian Room of the InterContinental Hotel for the 2006 TAG Excalibur Awards.

Old School Geek Quiz

The other evening I was down at the MIT Enterprise Forum’s Angel investing event, hanging out with Michael Blake of Adams Capital. He and I had a great time reminiscing about the early days of the micro-computing industry. Our discussion inspired me to put this list together. It isn’t really a “quiz”, per se. More …

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The Uptime Project

While doing some surfing the other night, I came across a really neat site called the “Uptime Project”, where members “compete” by basically seeing who can keep their servers running the longest without a reboot.

Innovation on the Edge – Adult Ring Tones

There exists a veritable pot of gold at the end of the IPO rainbow for the entrepreneur who figures out a way to harness this concept in the fight against Spam. :) See the “Mosquito” bit below. If nothing else, this is a great illustration of innovation and entrepreneurship – in both directions. Repurposing is …

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