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Failplans Stop Here – Part 5: Elevator Pitch

In the last installment, we covered deal tags. Now, moving up a level, we’re going to visit our old friend, the elevator pitch. Ah yes, the proverbial elevator pitch. Despite the name, elevator pitches are generally not delivered in an elevator. Frankly, let’s be honest here. It would be pretty damned weird to be on an elevator with someone and have them just start randomly pitching you on their deal.

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Failplans Stop Here – Part 4: Deal Tags

This is Part 4 of the “Failplans Stop Here” series. or are something I created a few years back.  The thought behind it is quite simple: apply the principles of content tagging to a business plan, pitch, etc. I’ve always appreciated those situations in which a really strong marketing tagline on the cover of a …

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Failplans Stop Here – Part 3: The Top, er, Bottom, of the Pyramid

This is Part 3 of the “Failplans Stop Here” series. So now that you’ve suffered through my ramblings about how most business plans suck, and we’ve introduced the fictitious company we’ll be working with in our exercise, it’s time to begin digging into the process of creating our doc set. I hereby name this methodology …

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Frobozz: Mobile Magic!

Failplans Stop Here – Part 2: Introducing Frobozz!

This is Part 2 of the “Failplans Stop Here” series. Introducing Frobozz, Inc., Our Fictitious Company As I mentioned in the introductory post, we are going to not only talk the talk in this series, we’re going to walk-the-walk as well.  Instead of regurgitating tomes of “best practices”, we’re going to create a fictitious company …

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Failplans Stop Here!

Failplans Stop Here – Part 1: Introduction

If you know me through the startup scene in Atlanta, you know that I am involved in quite a number of different business plan competitions, entrepreneur-mentoring circles, and investor happenings. Frankly, as much as I enjoy it all, I’m simply tired of seeing Failplan after Failplan and Failpitch after Failpitch out there. And it stops …

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Cultural Ramblings – Ten Observations on Company Culture

In cleaning out the more than 200 old draft blog posts I’ve started, I’ve identified a handful that I think are worth finishing – this is one of them, started over two years ago.  Enjoy, or not. The other day I was having a chat with a fellow entrepreneur here in town, and one of …

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Passing the Torch

Time is a funny thing.  When you are young, you have seemingly boundless amounts of it. You wake up very day, full of zeal, and passionately chase your whim du jour.    Then, one day you wake up, and you realize that time has become a commodity, with a value all its own, and the …

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The Answer is Blowin’ in the Wind

Every few months or so, various Atlanta startup thought leaders are corralled together on a panel or round-table to discuss what can be done to improve our startup ecosystem.  Invariably, the outcome is the same: a regurgitated list of things we already know all too well. Examples: Lack of local funding sources for early-stage companies …

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Great Startup Opportunity in Atlanta

Sometimes, out of the chaos of business, great ideas emerge.  Unfortunately, you rarely have the chance to aggressively chase those great ideas in the here-and-now. I’ll be blogging more about this soon, but we’ve been pretty busy at StarPound lately.  We ended Q4/2009 strong, including the deployment of our platform to solve some major problems …

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Okay, Atlanta. Now What?

If you care at all about the Atlanta startup ecosystem, Mike Blake and I humbly request your presence next week at the monthly Atlanta Web Entrepreneurs meeting (18th at the ATDC).  Mike Schinkel and the AWE gang have graciously invited Unblakeable and I to present our views of where Atlanta is right now, where we’re …

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