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Bootstrapping the Starbucks Way

Bootstrapping any new startup is always full of challenges; a big one, of course, being controlling the burn rate of the venture in the face of trying to get bigger. Steve Walden, a former Prodigy exec, a good friend, and a HiddenMarket advisory board member, tells me that I “hold court” at Starbucks, since I …

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Grande, Decaf, Mocha Interview with Whipped Cream

The other day I found myself, as usual, plugging away on my laptop at my local Starbuck‚Äôs. A young lady sat near me interviewing a young man for a job as a salesperson at the EB Games (a video game shop) next door. I thought it might be interesting to capture bits of their conversation, in an effort to provide some critical analysis of it here in my blog (yes, I’m bored).

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