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TAG Radio Spot

I had a great time yesterday chatting with Tino Mantella, the President of the Technology Association of Georgia (TAG). We had a lively discussion around professional online social networks, and where they’re headed. If you’d like to hear it, follow this link. On a related note, Tino will be appearing as our January guest over …

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Oh, How I’ve Missed That Feeling!

When building a new company, there is an unmistakable feeling you get when you reach the launch date. When those first users are in there, you feel like the weight of the world is off your shoulders. This is the closest that men can ever get to actually birthing a baby. On the other hand, …

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Hittin’ the Streets with HiddenMarket

Today was a very cool day. This morning I spent a couple of hours with the Kettering Executive Network, a group of around 500 C-level/VP-level executives here in the Atlanta area. I got a chance to network with some old friends, meet some kind new faces, and best of all, show off HiddenMarket as a …

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A Dilution of Trust

Fred Wilson at Union Square Ventures had a very interesting post yesterday (Friending). In it, Fred shares his views on the evolution of “contacts”, “connections”, “friends”, et al. A very interesting read, and timely, given what we are doing here at HiddenMarket.