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Mornin’ Cup: Where has Courtesy Gone?

Common wisdom dictates professional courtesy; or does it? It used to. At least I thought it did. I got a call recently from a recruiter here in Atlanta. I won’t mention her name, or the firm she was with. Even though I’ve had my doubts about this firm for some time now, it really isn’t …

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Why You Need a Recruiter When You Don’t Need a Job!

Maintaining relationships with executive recruiters should be a vital tool in a professional’s career strategy. Join Jerry Recht for a closer look!

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Mornin’ Cup: Those Spaminous Recruiters!

Resume “spamming”, or blasting your resume out to thousands of recruiters , is a practice that most good recruiters recommend against. For good reason, too. It smacks of “desperation” and is viewed most commonly as spam. But lately, some recruiters have been utilizing some very similar (and questionable) tactics as well.