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November 17, 2007

Chrysalis Ventures on StartupLounge.com

We just wrapped up a great podcast with Wright Steenrod over at Chrysalis Ventures. We had a great time digging into their model and gleaning his insights. As an added bonus, we provide a double dose of “Under the Bus”: Mike tosses some alcoholic StartupLounge haters under the bus, and I pile on and “gently …

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Inside VentureLab and XCOR

In continuing with our torrid pace of podcasting, Mike Blake and I sat down and had a great discussion with Stephen Fleming of VentureLab. Enjoy the latest installment of our StartupLounge.com podcast. We also picked Stephen’s brain on the current early-stage/venture landscape here in Atlanta. We also did a deep dive into XCOR Aerospace (one …

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TAG Radio Spot

I had a great time yesterday chatting with Tino Mantella, the President of the Technology Association of Georgia (TAG). We had a lively discussion around professional online social networks, and where they’re headed. If you’d like to hear it, follow this link. On a related note, Tino will be appearing as our January guest over …

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The Return of the Podcast from the Pothole

Back by unpopular demand, the award-losing “Podcast from the Pothole” will be back within the next week or two. Aside from fighting a terrible cold (oh, and launching a new startup), podcasting has taken a bit of a backseat. But the new podcast will have a different format – guests! Join me in the next …

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The New CIO’s Open Source Decision

To open source, or not to open source? That is the question that CIOs have been asking themselves for the better part of a decade. And while the argument for open source grows stronger every day, especially at the enterprise level, questions still remain. Being the new CIO doesn’t help either. You just never know what political minefield awaits you.

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February 27, 2006

Our Inaugural Podcast

I am pleased to bring you the inaugural audio podcast here at The Pothole! Contrary to what some might think, you don’t need an iPod in order to listen to podcasts. Any web browser will do (simply click the play button below in order to play the podcast now!). There are lots of other ways to download and play podcasts, but that’s a discussion for another day.

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Mornin’ Cup: Leveraging the Corporate Blog

So your firm has decided to progress beyond the simple web site and add on a “corporate blog”. You view it as a great way to get closer to your customers, and a mechanism by which you can keep an open dialog with them. But are you really sure you have the right approach? Want a great strategic tip for positioning your corporate blog?

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