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Sun to Open-Source Java

While not a complete surprise, Sun Microsystems let loose with an interesting development today. At its JavaOne conference, Sun announced that it would open-source its Java platform.

The New CIO’s Open Source Decision

To open source, or not to open source? That is the question that CIOs have been asking themselves for the better part of a decade. And while the argument for open source grows stronger every day, especially at the enterprise level, questions still remain. Being the new CIO doesn’t help either. You just never know what political minefield awaits you.

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Pandora’s Box … from Nokia!

Finnish cellular manufacturing giant Nokia has been experimenting internally with a cell phone based port of the popular Apache open source web server. Being both a technologist and a gadget buff, this naturally piqued my curiosity. However, this is a road frought with challenges. Of course, it sounds like really cool stuff, and I suppose …

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SugarCRM: The Case for Enterprise Open Source

Historically, one of the biggest knocks on open source software has been its lack of presence in the enterprise software space. We generally define “enterprise software” as software that solves some sort of problem faced by the enterprise (the business). A rapidly evolving product known as SugarCRM is single-handedly shattering that stigma, and putting some …

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