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Web 2.0 Sanity Check

Jack Humphrey had a great post this morning summing up why he thinks the Web 2.0 free-for-all is over, yet the Web 2.0 movement is just beginning. A great read, especially if you are an entrepreneur feverishly building an online community, social network, video-sharing site, etc. that you think you are going to sell for …

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The Real Value of a Social Network

With all of the chatter flying around about how much Facebook is worth, or how many “users” are needed (or how many “matter”) within an online social network, my head is starting to hurt. It is easy to get caught up in all of that sort of thing. After a long period of soul searching, …

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TAG Radio Spot

I had a great time yesterday chatting with Tino Mantella, the President of the Technology Association of Georgia (TAG). We had a lively discussion around professional online social networks, and where they’re headed. If you’d like to hear it, follow this link. On a related note, Tino will be appearing as our January guest over …

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