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Soft Launch of MFGX.com

Atlanta’s MFG.com, the world’s largest online marketplace within the manufacturing space, today soft-launched their new project: MFGX.com. In essence, it is MFG’s attempt to leverage to social media (specifically wikis, forums, ads, and jobs), to offer a value add to their customers and users. I’ve written on the issues of B2B marketplaces and online communities …

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Web 2.0 Sanity Check

Jack Humphrey had a great post this morning summing up why he thinks the Web 2.0 free-for-all is over, yet the Web 2.0 movement is just beginning. A great read, especially if you are an entrepreneur feverishly building an online community, social network, video-sharing site, etc. that you think you are going to sell for …

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Bikerworlds.com helping Toys-for-Tots

My good friend Gregg over at Bikerworlds.com has started an interesting project. His mascot, Larry the Bikerworlds Bear, is riding across country to raise money for Toys-for-Tots. This is not only a great cause, but a really creative way to get online community members involved in offline activities. What is really nifty is this promotional …

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