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8-Bit Goodness

8-Bit Musical Goodness

Back in the day, we made music the hard way – with real instruments. Then, along came this incredibly promising device – the personal computer. But making a song out of beeps is, well, not terribly exciting.  We made songs like this, for games that looked about as sophisticated (the end “music” starts around 1:28 …

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Yeah, that's me with long blond hair (1989)

From Elvis to Brain Damage

I’ve always been a lover of music, of most kinds, really.  I grew up listening to mostly 50s and 60s music, compliments of my parents.  Can you say, Elvis Presley, boys and girls?  Kind of “meh”, then, but as you get older you become more fond of that type of thing, I guess. Of course, …

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Pandora, RIAA, and Survival

We were very thrilled to have Tim Westergren, the founder of Pandora on the StartupLounge.com podcast this week. In addition to discussing how Pandora was really on the verge of extinction during the dot com flameout, we had a pretty good chat about the current RIAA ruling, the new royalty rates for Internet broadcasting, and …

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