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Atlanta’s Wood-Chopping Entrepreneurs

Most businesses fail. Most businesses with solid revenues don’t. Most businesses with traction at least have a fighting chance. You can’t gather around the fireplace and kick your feet up unless you have firewood out back – and you can only get that firewood by chopping. One of the big catch-phrases of 2006 was “chopping …

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MFG.com: Bootstrapping to Globalization

For a great intimate conversation with Mitch Free, CEO of MFG.com, check out the latest installment of the StartupLounge.com podcast. I honestly think that content-wise this has been one of our stronger shows. Mitch shares some very candid views on a variety of topics ranging from what its like to work with Jeff Bezos to …

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Bezos Pours More into MFG.com

Some more breaking news from Atlanta. My friend Mitch Free over at MFG.com just sent the following notice to me, announcing a new round of funding, although he didn’t specify the amount (UPDATE: word on the street says $4M or so). Mitch will be joining us as our guest on the StartupLounge podcast later this …

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