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Wrapping it up …

Been meaning to post this for a few weeks now, but … eight months ago, Mitch Free over at MFG.com asked me to come in and help him re-organize his technology team. I joined as a contractor and served in a leadership capacity as we ramped up *many* new hires and evolved the software development …

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MFG.com: My New Adventure

I quietly announced my new adventure via Twitter shortly thereafter, but thought I would drop a post here to dive in a bit deeper on it – especially since I’ve been procrastinating a bit on this, and it has been 3 months already! As a more “official” announcement (I suppose), I have joined the MFG.com …

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Where are the Rockstars?

I had a fun lunch with Drew Ermenc from Catalyst Magazine last week. Our office is actually upstairs from theirs, so it was pretty convenient. Among the many things we talked about was the status of “rockstar entrepreneurs” here in Atlanta. Specifically, they are working on some events for later in the year, and were …

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Soft Launch of MFGX.com

Atlanta’s MFG.com, the world’s largest online marketplace within the manufacturing space, today soft-launched their new project: MFGX.com. In essence, it is MFG’s attempt to leverage to social media (specifically wikis, forums, ads, and jobs), to offer a value add to their customers and users. I’ve written on the issues of B2B marketplaces and online communities …

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Atlanta’s Wood-Chopping Entrepreneurs

Most businesses fail. Most businesses with solid revenues don’t. Most businesses with traction at least have a fighting chance. You can’t gather around the fireplace and kick your feet up unless you have firewood out back – and you can only get that firewood by chopping. One of the big catch-phrases of 2006 was “chopping …

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MFG.com: Bootstrapping to Globalization

For a great intimate conversation with Mitch Free, CEO of MFG.com, check out the latest installment of the StartupLounge.com podcast. I honestly think that content-wise this has been one of our stronger shows. Mitch shares some very candid views on a variety of topics ranging from what its like to work with Jeff Bezos to …

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Bezos Pours More into MFG.com

Some more breaking news from Atlanta. My friend Mitch Free over at MFG.com just sent the following notice to me, announcing a new round of funding, although he didn’t specify the amount (UPDATE: word on the street says $4M or so). Mitch will be joining us as our guest on the StartupLounge podcast later this …

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GA Startup Profile: MFG.com

Welcome to the first installment of “Georgia Startup Profiles“, a new series here at The Pothole that will focus on providing snapshot profiles of technology startups and emerging companies in Georgia. First up? A bootstrapping success story like none other … MFG.com!

Mornin’ Cup: Can Web 2.0 Save the Exchange?

I was having a cup o’ Joe with a good friend of mine yesterday (after moderating a panel on business blogging over at the 400 Technology Connection), and the subject of B2B exchanges came up. Since we had just attended a discussion around blogging, we wondered whether or not the new iteration of the web (so-called Web 2.0) could provide the much needed ingredient for the continued resurgence of the online exchange model.

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A Tale of Two B2B Communities

What do Atlanta-based MFG.com and upstart RFQWork.com have in common? One is highly capitalized, the other is not. One has a robust transaction platform, the other does not. One is the proverbial Goliath, the other his potential David. Both have communities behind them, but as you’ll see in this article, a “community” can mean a …

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