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StarPound is Hiring

StarPound is on the move.  We have some big announcements that will hit the wire soon, including one that is going to send tremors through an entire industry.  Wish I could say more about it right now … :( At any rate, the good news is that we’re hiring.  Job descriptions below – if you …

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PlayMotion Hiring Engineers

FYI – we are hiring engineers against the profile below. If you or someone you know is interested in working in a cutting-edge Atlanta-based game studio, we’d welcome the opportunity to chat. PlayMotion is an exciting young company, and one that enjoys a marquee client list, including Atari, Nike, Google, Nokia, AT&T, Disney, Red Bull, …

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Finding the Answers

Too many people place an emphasis these days on retained knowledge. This is especially prevalent within technical fields. Computer programmers are often asked to recite arcane utterings of alphabet soup during job interviews. This isn’t important. What is important, however, is simply knowing where to find the right answers.

How Not to Hire a CIO

Sadly, today’s post is going to be comprised of “YARS”, or Yet Another Recruiting Story. The one really good thing about being “in transition”, is that I am never at a loss for recruiting stories! Today we are going to explore how NOT to go about hiring a CIO, CTO, or other types of technology …

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The CIO Domain Conundrum: What Makes A Good Fit?

If you ran a convenience store, and needed to call someone in to unclog the drains in the bathrooms, would you call a good plumber, with a variety of experiences under his belt, or would you leave the drains clogged up until you could find a plumber that has deep vertical experience (no pun intended) working within the convenience store industry? Sadly, this is the lame cloud under which many CIOs are hired. Call me crazy, but I’d just want a good plumber. Someone who was a problem solver.

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Mornin’ Cup: Where has Courtesy Gone?

Common wisdom dictates professional courtesy; or does it? It used to. At least I thought it did. I got a call recently from a recruiter here in Atlanta. I won’t mention her name, or the firm she was with. Even though I’ve had my doubts about this firm for some time now, it really isn’t …

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Mornin’ Cup: Those Spaminous Recruiters!

Resume “spamming”, or blasting your resume out to thousands of recruiters , is a practice that most good recruiters recommend against. For good reason, too. It smacks of “desperation” and is viewed most commonly as spam. But lately, some recruiters have been utilizing some very similar (and questionable) tactics as well.

February 20, 2006

Why Five Minute Jobbing is a Bad Idea

My thoughts on the so-called ‘five minute jobbing’ hiring practice.

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February 13, 2006

Scott’s Circle Theory of Hiring

In my chosen field of information technology, I am accustomed to working with large, diverse teams. These teams tend to work together over protracted periods of time. In order to assist in building team cohesiveness, I formulated what I call my circle theory of hiring.

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Mornin’ Cup: Hands-on, Hands-off

I had a rather interesting discussion this week with the chief executive of a small, but growing tech firm here in Atlanta. He informed me that he was looking to hire a “hands-on” CIO. Intrigued, I dug in a little more.