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Q4/2005: Tech Spending Uptick

According to IDC, corporate sales of computer servers was up 4.4% in 2005. Doesn’t sound like a lot until you realize that it represents a move from $49.1B in 2004 to $51.3B for 2005. That’s a nice bump. The usual suspects were in the mix (IBM, Dell, HP, et al). IBM remained ranked in the …

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Mornin’ Cup: Eco-Servers

Sun Microsystems recently announced the availability of their “eco-friendly” rack-mounted web servers. The latest model, the Sun Fire T2000, purports to introduce significant enhancements in computing capability, as well as new cost efficiencies in terms of power consumption, cooling costs, and rack space needed.

Performance Management Strategies

The global Internet is truly a fantastic tool – an ever-changing amalgam of people and ideas. Unfortunately, not all of the information out there in cyberspace is worthy of the screen space it takes up. I recently came across the personal blog of Marcelo Calbucci, the CEO of Sampa Corp, a startup company focusing on …

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