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The Venture Capital Numbers Game

As I promised in my recent post on linear entrepreneurship, I have put down my thoughts on venture capital as a “numbers game.” Venture capital is a numbers game, but in more ways than you may realize if you are an entrepreneur living anywhere other than places like California, Boston, or Chicago. While I consider …

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Atlanta’s “Hidden” VC Market

My pal Justin Rubner at the Atlanta Business Chronicle recently published an interesting piece covering the PwC Money Tree Report. I wrote about this the other day as well (sorry again for scoopin’ ya, JRub). While you can’t really dispute the facts, some here in Atlanta think that there is a lot more going on …

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The Money Tree Ain’t Bloomin’, Folks

The latest numbers are in from the PwC Money Tree report, a quarterly study of venture capital investment activity in the United States. Despite this positive headlines in the press releases, Georgia still isn’t faring very well.

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Paparelli on Atlanta Startups

Veteran Atlanta angel investor, Charlie Paparelli, has posted a great article on what he sees wrong with the Atlanta startup scene. I don’t have an awful lot to add to what he says, other than to say that I agree with his sentiments. Atlanta is a market that is begging for innovation, and as Charlie …

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New $500M Georgia Superfund

Well, I’m starting to feel worse and worse about my recent rant on the lack of venture capital deal flow in Georgia. However, imagine the significant lift in my venture outlook when I got wind of the new half billion dollar “superfund” that is launching next year in our fine state! $500M in deal flow …

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Jeb Bush, the Venture Capitalist

The Georgia state government could take a lesson from our esteemed neighbors to the south, where Florida Governor Jeb Bush is doing his part to spur on local economic development.

Why, Georgia, Why?

With sincerest apologies to John Mayer. It appears that I was perhaps a bit more optimistic than I should have been in my recent article on why 2006 would be a great year for doing business in Georgia. According to the latest “Money Tree” report published by PriceWaterhouseCoopers, 2005 was an atrocious year for the venture capital market in Georgia. I sat down with a handful of Atlanta venture capitalists and asked them the obvious question. Why?

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2006 Georgia Technology Summit

Technology – it’s our profession and our passion. Whether you have ever attended one of TAG’s Georgia Technology Summits or not, the 2006 program, INNOVATION ON THE EDGE is the one you will not want to miss. Your participation will allow you to play an important role in focusing attention on the Georgia technology community’s …

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