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Atlanta - the city I love the most!

End of My Sabbatical

*yawn* *stretch*  Okay, I’ve declared an end to my self-imposed sabbatical from the Atlanta tech/startup scene.  I needed the break, no doubt – but I can’t lie – I really missed it.  Sooooo … expect to see more of me out and about, whether you like it or not :) I’ll be helping out again …

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Tarantula Experiment

A few months ago, Paul Freet (VentureLab) reached out to me and asked if StarPound would be interested in being a beta tester for a new software testing platform (Tarantula) being developed by a team of researchers at Georgia Tech.  I forwarded the message on to our CTO, Wei Wang, who followed up with the …

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A Lens into VentureLab

If you’ve ever been curious about what Stephen Fleming and his crew are tinkering around with down inside the bowels of Georgia Tech’s VentureLab, you won’t want to miss this. Through countless hours of toiling over database schema and Maker’s Mark, Stephen has rolled out a really cool new site that lays out all the …

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Having Fun Down at Tech

I spent the day today down at Georgia Tech serving as a judge in the semi-final round of their annual business plan competition. It was a ton of fun, and I thought I’d drop a post here with a wrap-up, along with some more random thoughts on business plans, business plan competitions, etc. First, I …

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