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JAD: Creating a Functionality Matrix

As promised in the recent article on JAD Facilitation Basics, this article will focus on the steps needed to create a viable functionality matrix, which will serve to summarize and prioritize the functionality for a proposed software system.

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JAD: Facilitation Workshop Basics

This article will take a more hands-on look at conducting JAD workshop sessions. While there is no single best way to accomplish JAD objectives, I will try to present a format that has worked nicely for me in the past, in the hopes that it will give you some ideas as to how best to structure your own sessions.

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JAD: Facilitation Skills

Gathering functional requirements is a fundamental part of any software development methodology, yet many IT leaders seem to avoid honing their facilitation skills, something I consider to be a critical tool in this process. This is the first in a series of in-depth articles on conducting JAD sessions.

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