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December 31, 2006

Technology Cost Comparison: Web 1.0 vs 2.0

Inspired again by this post from Fred Wilson at Union Square Ventures, I began thinking of the differences in the capital required to launch something these days. Much ado has been made over Web 2.0, and how much cheaper it is to build technology solutions these todays. I came across an old proposal that I …

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How Not to Hire a CIO

Sadly, today’s post is going to be comprised of “YARS”, or Yet Another Recruiting Story. The one really good thing about being “in transition”, is that I am never at a loss for recruiting stories! Today we are going to explore how NOT to go about hiring a CIO, CTO, or other types of technology …

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The CIO Domain Conundrum: What Makes A Good Fit?

If you ran a convenience store, and needed to call someone in to unclog the drains in the bathrooms, would you call a good plumber, with a variety of experiences under his belt, or would you leave the drains clogged up until you could find a plumber that has deep vertical experience (no pun intended) working within the convenience store industry? Sadly, this is the lame cloud under which many CIOs are hired. Call me crazy, but I’d just want a good plumber. Someone who was a problem solver.

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The New CIO’s Open Source Decision

To open source, or not to open source? That is the question that CIOs have been asking themselves for the better part of a decade. And while the argument for open source grows stronger every day, especially at the enterprise level, questions still remain. Being the new CIO doesn’t help either. You just never know what political minefield awaits you.

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Global State of Information Security

On Tuesday, Feb. 28th, the Georgia Tech Information Security Center, the Technology Association of Georgia and PricewaterhouseCoopers are teaming up to present a program entitled “The Global State of Information Security.” The survey is the largest of its kind and is conducted by CIO Magazine and PwC.

Mornin’ Cup: Hands-on, Hands-off

I had a rather interesting discussion this week with the chief executive of a small, but growing tech firm here in Atlanta. He informed me that he was looking to hire a “hands-on” CIO. Intrigued, I dug in a little more.

Executive Briefing: Ruby on Rails

According to Derek Haynes of Highgroove Studios, CIOs that don’t investigate Ruby on Rails could be missing out on the holy grail of web application development – faster development, cheaper development, and vastly more usable applications. As our guest blogger this week, Derek provides a nice executive overview into this fascinating technology platform.

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