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How to be a Bad Consultant

A bit of real-life humor this morning. An associate of mine recently sent me an email, referring to a meeting he had with a business planning consultant. Enjoy this excerpt.

StartupLounge.com Update

We published an impromptu edition of the StartupLounge.com podcast. Check it out – it features Anne Simons; Mike and I had a great chat with Anne about how early stage entrepreneurs can best leverage consultants to achieve their goals. We also rolled out our Startup Lounge forums – if you are an early stage entrepreneur, …

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Mornin’ Cup: Governance Conflict

Recently I received an email broadcast from an networking contact promoting an executive position for a software company here in Atlanta. The position was for a VP of Services, and by all accounts, it seems like an interesting role. However, once I realized who this person would report to, I immediately deleted the email.

Software, Services, and Revenue, Oh My!

As much as it pains me to say this, there are some software firms out there who openly shun professional services work. Oh, they may have a small “services group”, and offer a few basic services to their clients, but they don’t really embrace the concept of professional services. Ignoring services, or not providing a …

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