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Prince is a Marketing Idiot

Okay, I’m not ashamed to admit it. I’ve been listening (and watching) to Prince since the late 1970s – long before Purple Rain. Obviously, he has come a long way in his career since those early days. Sure, there was the wacky time where he changed his name to a symbol in a public protest …

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Mornin’ Cup: Flimsy Brand

I’m not a marketing guru by any stretch of the imagination. However, I do consider myself to be somewhat knowledgeable when it comes to “personal” branding at the executive level. Why is it that senior executives accustomed to $200K+ salaries resort to using free, do-it-yourself business cards when they find themselves in a transitional state (executive-lingo for “out of work”)?

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Speaking at the Kettering Executive Network

For those of you who are members of The Kettering Executive Network (an executive networking group here in Atlanta), I will be delivering a presentation entitled “Business Blogging: Leveraging Web 2.0 to Extend Your Personal Brand”. I will provide an overview of business blogging, and share you some solid strategies for taking advantage of blogging …

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