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Blogging for Business Success

On Tuesday, March 14th, I will be moderating a panel on “business blogging” for the 400 Technology Connection. Our goals with the panel: To disseminate information about the Business and Social aspects of Blogging. To show how Blogging has value to the business and customer. To show the audience that Blogging can be an effective …

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Guest Tech/Business Bloggers

In an effort to broaden the content coverage and viewpoints presented here at The Pothole, we’ll soon be featuring articles by other Atlanta-area business and technology leaders.

Mornin’ Cup: Keeping a Tidy House

It has been just a short while since I made the decision to publish my own professional blog. Thus far, the experience has been extremely gratifying. In addition to enjoying the creative outlet that blogging represents, I have also have the pleasure of “virtually” meeting a lot of new people. I had no idea that …

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