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The Answer is Blowin’ in the Wind

Every few months or so, various Atlanta startup thought leaders are corralled together on a panel or round-table to discuss what can be done to improve our startup ecosystem.  Invariably, the outcome is the same: a regurgitated list of things we already know all too well. Examples: Lack of local funding sources for early-stage companies …

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Signup Now for CapConn/Q4

Q4 is upon us, and it is time for the next StartupLounge.com Capital Connections Event. There were over 200 entrepreneurs and investors at our last event, and the fun fest continues on Tuesday, November 27th! To our knowledge there have been at least 10 deals that have gotten investor traction from our first two events, …

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Capital Connections Post Mortem (Fall 2007)

Here it is, midnight, and I just got home from our quarterly Capital Connections event. Wow, what a night. I am completely spent, so I’ll make this post brief! We’ll have a full wrap-up posted in the next few days (along with tons of photos), but here are a few short observations: Despite the really …

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Capital Connections: Fall 2007

The next quarterly StartupLounge.com Capital Connections event will be held on August 29th here in Atlanta. If you are a fast-growth entrepreneur in the Southeast U.S., or an investor who’d like to network among such innovators to scout for new deals, head on over to StartupLounge.com and sign up. If you missed the last event, …

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Seed and Angel Capital Strategies for Atlanta

I’ve gotten into this same conversation with 3 or 4 people this week, and it is one that comes up quite often during my discussions with early-stage technology CEOs here in Atlanta. How do I find seed or angel angel capital in Atlanta so that I can fund my high-tech widget or software company? Raising …

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Visiting the Atlanta Technology Angels

Knox Massey was kind enough to invite me down to last night’s meeting of the Atlanta Technology Angels. While I know many of the members individually, this was the first time I had actually attended one of their monthly meetings. In keeping with the confidential setting of the meeting, I don’t want to reveal anything …

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Capital Connections Wrapup

Sorry this post is a day late – I’ve been deluged with emails and other stuff.  We just published a nice wrapup and photo gallery of the recent Capital Connections event. Enjoy! If you weren’t able to attend, we hope you can make the next one. We certainly had a blast putting it together, and …

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Down to the Mat: Angels or Idiots?

As a small boy, my parents used to say “if you don’t have anything nice to say, then don’t say anything at all.” Normally, I would agree. However, there eventually comes a time where something needs to be said, for the sake of others. Welcome to the first installment of “Down to the Mat.”

The Venture Capital Numbers Game

As I promised in my recent post on linear entrepreneurship, I have put down my thoughts on venture capital as a “numbers game.” Venture capital is a numbers game, but in more ways than you may realize if you are an entrepreneur living anywhere other than places like California, Boston, or Chicago. While I consider …

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iBloks is a new media play that recently announced a $3M round of financing, which followed a $500K angel round. Some folks out there have questioned the “utility” value of such a product, and the motives of the investors who parted the linings of their wallets to pony up the $3M.

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