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We’ve been going non-stop lately with StarPound, and it has severely cut into my extra-curricular activities (including posting here on my blog).  The good news is that Twitter is there to help me out when I just want to toss a random comment out from time-to-time.

At any rate, we’ve published a few video tutorials on using the StarPound platform.  If you have an interest in telephony-enabled Internet applications, check em out.

The first tutorial provides a nice introduction to StarPound Studio, and shows you how to build a very simplistic application from start-to-finish.  The second tutorial builds upon the first one, and shows how you can very quickly (and visually) integrate with external web services/SOA.  Good stuff.

We’ll be adding some more videos soon which will cover more advanced topics, including my two favorites: how to build Jajah-like functionality in 15 minutes or less, and how we recreated Google’s Grand Central in just a few days.

We’ll also be diving into some of our vertical market solutions, and show you how our call open source center suite can be used to build call center campaigns in the cloud in just a few minutes.

On a semi-related note, I am pleased to announce that our upcoming January release will offer support for Freeswitch … a very cool platform if you haven’t seen it … as well as the latest release of Asterisk.

Stay tuned …


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  1. Hi Scott,

    I watched the simpleIVR video and was impressed! Very cool and easy to use.

    What video capture software did you use for that? I’m going to need to do similar tutorials for my own startup very soon.

    BTW, you can catch me on twitter now: @melonakos



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