Mission Accomplished!

I will try to do a more detailed, thoughtful post on this subject as soon as I can, but I wanted to at least provide a quick update for everyone on the result of the Atlanta startup community’s efforts to help the Roberts’ family.

Thanks to participation from all of you, we were able to raise enough money to move the Roberts’ into their new home!  Due to the hard work, financial contributions, and desire to truly make a meaningful difference in the world shown by all of you, the family is moving into their new Atlanta home this week.  The home is big enough to keep the family together, and little Jamaal has started at his new school.

On behalf of myself and the Roberts’ family, I’d like to publicly thank to all of the entrepreneurs, investors, community leaders, and friends who helped with this.  A special thanks to Bo Emerson at the AJC for initially making the community aware of the story, and to Doris Benit for getting the initial fund set up.  As a veteran myself, I took a deep personal interest in this story when it broke.  It just really hit me personally.  Your collective willingness to help me with this cause speaks volumes about you all.   A deep heartfelt thanks to you all from this old Marne Dog :)



  1. Scott – you demonstrated great heart and leadership with this effort. The community and the Roberts family are deeply grateful for you and your spirit. YOU made it happen! It’s heartwarming to see veterans help each other out and I’m proud to have been called upon to help.

    God bless!

  2. Dear Scott I want to take this time out to thank you personally and everyone that fell under your leadership and heart, and all of the community that took the time, care and effort to reach out and help me and my family in our darkest and lowest times. There are no words that could express how thankful and grateful we are. This Thanksgiving was the most special thanksgiving we have ever had. First we took the time out to go as a family and feed the homeless and the hungry, for only by God’s grace, there are we. We must never forget to give back. Then we were able to come into our new home and bow our heads together and thank God and all his people for all that has been done for us. My prayer is that each and everyone of you be fruitful and prosperous in all your endeavors as God has touched and already annointed your paths. I know that Big Jamaal is looking down, and saying thank you for all you’ve done for my son and family. With all of my heart, God bless each and everyone of you.

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