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I am pleased to bring you the inaugural audio podcast here at The Pothole! Contrary to what some might think, you don’t need an iPod in order to listen to podcasts. Any web browser will do (simply click the play button below in order to play the podcast now!). There are lots of other ways to download and play podcasts, but that’s a discussion for another day.

Podcasting is simply the art of bringing audio content down to the listener level by “pushing” it through RSS feeds (or publishing it on a blog). If you are into podcasting, you already know all about how this process works. If you are new to podcasting, I would recommend visiting the following resources:

If those resources don’t do the trick, simply search google.com for “podcasting introduction” or “podcasting” and you will have enough material with which to print out and wallpaper your living room.

We are experimenting with 2 different formats:

One format we are playing around with is a “weekly” format. This style of program will run about 20-40 minutes in length, be published once a week, and will provide audio discussions of the various articles that were posted the week before. This initial podcast is in this format.

The second format we are playing around with is more of an “article” format, whereby the podcast will generally focus around the content of that week’s main article (and would be published simultaneously along with the article). The length of these podcasts would be much smaller (5 minutes or so).

The stories covered in this podcast are:

Unlike many podcasts, we are striving for a very professional format and superb sound quality. So instead of recording on a $20 radio shack microphone on a tape deck, we are working live in a multi-track recording studio on some high-end equipment in order to obtain the best possible sound.

Please let me know what you think of the format, sound quality, and content. All suggestions welcome!



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