"No one will need more than 637 kb of memory for a personal computer. (said in the early 1970s)"
— Bill Gates

Failplans Stop Here – Part 4: Deal Tags

This is Part 4 of the “Failplans Stop Here” series. or are something I created a few years back.  The thought behind it is quite simple: apply the principles of content tagging to a business plan, pitch, etc. I’ve always appreciated those situations in which a really strong marketing tagline on the cover of a …

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Failplans Stop Here – Part 3: The Top, er, Bottom, of the Pyramid

This is Part 3 of the “Failplans Stop Here” series. So now that you’ve suffered through my ramblings about how most business plans suck, and we’ve introduced the fictitious company we’ll be working with in our exercise, it’s time to begin digging into the process of creating our doc set. I hereby name this methodology …

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Frobozz: Mobile Magic!

Failplans Stop Here – Part 2: Introducing Frobozz!

This is Part 2 of the “Failplans Stop Here” series. Introducing Frobozz, Inc., Our Fictitious Company As I mentioned in the introductory post, we are going to not only talk the talk in this series, we’re going to walk-the-walk as well.  Instead of regurgitating tomes of “best practices”, we’re going to create a fictitious company …

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Pitch Your Deal to Secret Sig

The backstory and motivation behind the creation of the Virtual Pitch Session with a Bobblehead version of legendary Atlanta technology angel investor, Sig Mosley.

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