Networking Leads: 4/28/2006

Welcome to this week’s batch of metro Atlanta business networking leads! Here you’ll find all manners of things networking related – job leads, appointments, news, interesting Georgia-based solutions, and more. Remember, you can contribute to this list each week by contacting me!

And of course, the proverbial ground rules: For certain leads, I must be careful not to disclose too much information – I want to be respectful of the confidentiality and trust I have established with people. In those instances, I realize that I may need to act as a conduit for interested parties, in order to protect the anonymity of certain of these leads. However, I will aspire to provide as much information as possible here in the text, so that you can contact each other directly (I really *don’t* want to get into the habit of playing middleman, other than passing along contact information as needed).

If you have something that you would feel to be of merit for this new section of the Pothole, by all means, let me know (spammers and open solicitors need not apply). Remember that the idea here is to provide visibility into “hidden” opportunities or news that is not widely known already – so don’t send press releases! And don’t forget to browse some of the past networking leads – many of them are still active!

First and foremost, a reminder that yours truly is seeking a new opportunity. While I am always open to new ideas, I am currently focusing my search for a CIO/CTO/Tech VP opportunity within either a well-capitalized startup or a mid-size firm. I invite you to visit my online bio and if you have any leads, I would welcome an intro!

My good friend and former Equifax CIO, Armando Cuevas has teamed up with his fellow ex-Gartner colleague, Wally Gramling to form a new firm, ArcMP. ArcMP’s flagship product is called Parsanon, and is billed as an enterprise architecture management platform. Deisnged by CIOs, for CIOs. I had the pleasure of seeing the demo of this thing the other day. If you are responsible for managing enterprise architecture, you owe it to yourself to contact them. This is a must-see demo. Their web site is currently in a “state of transition”, but it should be available soon.

Atlanta networking guru, Susan Knox at Corporate Connections, has launched her new and improved web site. Check it out! If your firm wants to accelerate your revenues by gaining key corporate relationships, you need to get thy rear end to the nearest telephone and call Susan Knox. Or better, watch her new online video and see the value firsthand.

If you are struggling with managing your IT security capabilities, contact the good folks at RBTi (Red Bull Technologies, Inc.). They work with dozens of product companies to put together a solution that meets your specific needs. These guys are experts, folks. Big boy football here – this isn’t the Pop Warner stuff.

I met an interesting fellow the other day. Leslie Hermitt has teamed up with Hunter Barrow for form Huntforce. Their focus is outsourced IT governance and PMO management. I had a riveting conversation with Leslie relative to their capabilities. Give ’em a go.

Are you in transition? Contact Ruthie Powell to take advantage of her wonderful service called “Ruthie’s list.” She’ll email your resume out to her personal network of recruiters and HR directors. Not bad! She can be reached via email at “ruthiep AT bellsouth DOT net”.

Finally, as a reminder, if your Atlanta-based firm is in need of executive talent, let me know. I routinely am in contact with many talented executives (C-level, VPs, Directors) that are in transition and are anxious to dig into new and exciting opportunities. I am always happy to send referrals your way.

If you are interested in any of the above leads, feel free to contact the party directly. In the case of anonymous leads, by all means contact me for more information.Cheers, and happy networking!


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