Networking Leads: 2/3/2006

Welcome to this week’s batch of metro Atlanta business networking leads! Here you’ll find all manners of things networking related – job leads, appointments, news, interesting Georgia-based solutions, and more. Remember, you can contribute to this list each week by contacting me!

And of course, the proverbial ground rules: For certain leads, I must be careful not to disclose too much information – I want to be respectful of the confidentiality and trust I have established with people. In those instances, I realize that I may need to act as a conduit for interested parties, in order to protect the anonymity of certain of these leads. However, I will aspire to provide as much information as possible here in the text, so that you can contact each other directly (I really *don’t* want to get into the habit of playing middleman, other than passing along contact information).

If you have something that you would feel to be of merit for this new section of the Pothole, by all means, let me know (spammers and open solicitors need not apply). And don’t forget to browse some of the past networking leads – many of them are still active!

A small but growing boutique IT consulting firm HQ’d in Peachtree City is in need of a “hands-on” Chief Technology Officer (CTO). This person would need to fill the role of technical lead on a key engagement first, then move into the CTO role. This firm just landed a 500K+ contract, and is beginning to scale their operations. The CTO will ultimately be responsible for evaluating new technologies and building out development teams. This is a ground floor opportunity with a potential equity stake. If you or someone you know are interested, let me know!

I met who I believe to be a potentially “bankable” entrepreneur who will soon be launching a massive operation here in Atlanta. I am sworn to secrecy (for now), but this deal looks like it will result in a new marquis player here in Atlanta, adding over 1,500 initial jobs to the local economy. If his plan is even half accurate, this company could become iconic. Stay tuned for more info – I should be able to give you a little more in a month or so.

The Managing Partner of a local venture capital firm (whose identity must remain confidential for the moment), is busy raising a new, second fund (in the $150-250M range). The new fund will focus on regional investments in healthcare and information technology. More info soon … but this is great news for our region!

A major Fortune 500 company is looking for a very senior level HR person. The position will probably be in the $300-500k range depending on the person plus the usual assortment of other package elements. If you’d be interested in something like this and feel you may be qualified, please let me know and I’ll pass you on. I would imagine the successful candidate would be in a senior HR role in a Fortune 500 company now and would be making compensation not substantially off from what this position would provide.

I had the privilege of seeing Bryan Amaral, the CEO of Atlanta-based Retaligent, give his venture pitch to a room full of movers and shakers (in an event put on by Susan Knox – see below). Aside from being a very passionate fellow, Bryan has a real vision. These guys really seem to get the evolution of retail. Their mobility solutions seem poised to have a tremendous impact on retail operations (from big boxes down through the 2nd and 3rd tier retailers). If you are interested in learning more about potentially investing in Retaligent, let me know, and I’ll be happy to provide an intro to their private equity partner at Spencer Trask.

I hereby proclaim Susan Knox to be henceforth known as the Atlanta Networking Queen. She is doing some great things with her efforts as CEO of Corporate Connections. If you are seeking very top-tier executive access and exposure within the Atlanta market, stoppest what thou are doing and immediately proceed to get thine rear end to her web site for more info.

If you are interested in any of the above leads, feel free to contact the party directly. In the case of anonymous leads, by all means contact me for more information.

Cheers, and happy networking!


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