Networking Leads: 1/6/2006

I thought that this batch of networking leads would be a little thin, given the holidays. Now that we’re into the new year, things are really picking up! Enjoy this latest batch of leads, and happy networking!

And of course, the proverbial ground rules: I must be careful not to disclose too much information – I certainly want to be respectful of the confidentiality and trust I have established with people. However, I do think we have a unique opportunity here to create a virtual platform for the exchanging of networking leads. In certain instances, I realize that I may need to act as a conduit for interested parties, in order to protect the anonymity of certain of these leads. However, I will aspire to provide as much information as possible here in the text, so that you can contact each other directly (I really *don’t* want to get into the habit of playing middleman, other than passing along contact information).

If you have something that you would feel to be of merit for this new section of the Pothole, by all means, let me know (spammers and open solicitors need not apply).

There is a startup company here in Atlanta that is doing some interesting stuff with software-driven telecom/PBX systems. They may have an interest in someone who can bring some telecom business development and executive management experience to the table.

The Managing Partner of a stable, growing ($2M+) IT staffing and executive search firm is looking for an extraordinary individual to do sales and business development. If you have an interest, let me know!

My old pal, Pete Mastin (the hardest working man in cyberspace) and the rest of the folks at Clear Compliance are kicking butt and taking names. They’ve inked some nice fat deals in the TTM period and are positioning themselves nicely for a run at the compliance/SOX market. If you need a Sarbanes Oxley compliance tool, check ’em out.

TechLINKS has rolled out the first iteration of their TechLINKS exchange. Check it out – its a great way to get your name out there among the technology buyers and sellers of Georgia.

Michelle Moore, author of the upcoming book Skills & Strategies of Habitually Happy People is doing some great things with her “Sound Like a Million” program. If you are looking for creative ways to energize your organization with delight, check her sites out at and She also runs a blog at

Craig Larson, the CTO of VuBotics, gave me a quick demo of their product called “VuIT”. It is an on-the-fly viewing utility for Blackberry handhelds. In the demo I saw, it basically turned that tiny email text into nice, big, easy-to-read text. Great for executives on the move!

I came across a consulting firm that has a need for 4 Software Architect’s with senior level experience. The openings are in Cleveland, OH and here in Atlanta. The candidates must have senior level experience developing with C# and .Net. Object Oriented Methodolgy experience is required. Let me know if you want more info!

If you are interested in any of the above leads, feel free to contact the party directly. In the case of anonymous leads, by all means contact me for more information.

Cheers, and happy networking!


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