Unplugged – Living Room Session – 2003

Shadow Then ... and Now
Above: Shadow Then ... and Now

Shortly after Tony and I recorded the acoustic/unplugged tracks in studio, our old friend and Shadow bassist Monte Starling came down with his family for a visit. Well, we couldn’t just spend the entire trip drinking beer and reminiscing (though we tried). I fished up my Michael Kelly acoustic electric bass, plugged in some mics, and the three of us jammed in my living room. Monte’s young daughter, Carolyn, the self-proclaimed biggest Shadow fan ever, cheered us on. What great fun we had!

We recorded the entire affair in a home video, and I ripped the audio and made a few tracks out of them. Lots of silly stuff in here as well (poor Monte hadn’t played these songs in years, but he was awesome), and some inside band-jokes (sorry!), but enjoy nonetheless!

Scott Burkett – Vocals, Backing Guitar
Tony Thornton – Guitar/Lead Guitar, Backing Vocals
Monte Starling – Bass (“LEAD BASS!”)

Shadow – the Living Room Sessions – 2003


Numbered Man

Iron Umbrella

Halloween (aka The Missionary, aka Shadow)

The Soldier

Man of Glass

The B.D. Boogie

Amazing Grace


Wish You Were Here


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