Sketches, Demos, & Schtuff

Welcome to my collection of audio tidbits – basically, just stuff I’ve written and/or recorded over the years.  Some of this stuff was carefully ripped and quasi-restored from old 4-track tape recordings, while some were done in the early days of digital recording.  Enjoy.  Or not.  Meh.

Let it Go (from Disney's Frozen)

This is a studio recording I did of my 8 year old daughter singing a very powerful rendition of Idina Menzel’s Let it Go from the movie Frozen by Disney.  She hasn’t had voice lessons yet, but she will soon.  This is all raw natural talent.  The sky is the limit for her!

King of Pain

My cover of King of Pain (The Police), with Dan on guitar. Circa 1996 or 1997. I’ve always loved this song, and always had this particular arrangement in my head. I rescued this from an old 4-track recording, and tried to clean it up as best I could, so pardon any audio artifacts you hear.

You Were Always On My Mind

Another old 4-track recording of me and Dan messing around with another old acoustic classic.

I'll Stop The World (And Melt With You)

This is what happens when you combine Maker’s Mark with a Tascam 4-track tape recorder. I did this around 1994 or 1995. I had heard the original song during the day somewhere or another and thought an acoustic version might be fun to mess with. Super-over-reverbed, and well … snicker.

The Soldier

Kind of a cool solo acoustic version I did of one of our best tunes from the LP, The Soldier.  Nothing fancy, just me and a guitar.

The Soldier, Redux

Extended version, with some added bits.

Bigger Picture

This is a really fun tune that was written by my friend Larry Seiler.  Larry is an incredible blues player, which is something that really appreciate, respect, and enjoy.  I was working with Larry some years back on trying to remaster some old 4-track recordings he had made, and this particular song really struck me.  This is my little one-shot take of it, in my own style, I suppose.


I have a handful of favorite songs, and John Lennon’s Imagine is on that list.  Around 1999 or 2000, I acquired a license for the song (yeah, because I love it *that* much).  Here is the result.  No liberties taken – nor should there have been.  A song like this simply has to be performed in a style relatively true to the original.  Doing otherwise is sacrilege. :)

As You

One of the first tracks I recorded on my Yamaha AW-4416 back in 1999 or so.

“As You”
By Scott Burkett

As you walk down life’s empty streets, I’ll walk with you.
As you climb your own mountains, I’ll wait for you.
As you search around for your heart, I’ll be patient for you.
As you whisper things into my ears, I’ll melt with you.
As you bear your crosses of pain, I’ll bear them with you.
As you stray from that beaten path, I’ll rescue you. Don’t worry, love.
As you run from things that you fear, I’ll strengthen you.
As you stare into my eyes, I’ll stare back at you.
As you proclaim your love for me, know that I love you, too.