Shadow – Unplugged – 2003

Shadow - Iron Umbrella - Unplugged - 2003

Shadow - Nerves - Unplugged - 2003
A remake of Nerves, from the Iron Umbrella LP. Totally different arrangement, but I dig it. I had not yet reconnected with Monte and Kirk, so I recruited Ron Wikso on the drums (Journey, David Lee Roth, Richie Sambora, & Foreigner), and Lance Morrison on bass (Simple Minds, Don Henley, Alanis Morissete, & Allice Cooper).


Shadow - Crying in the Dark - Unplugged -2003
Originally written by Jason Penner, the predecessor to Shadow. Awesome tune. We used to play this live, but didn't do a studio version. So we decided to play around with it a bit.

Shadow - Shadow of the Shallow - Unplugged - 2003
This is perhaps my favorite Shadow tune. Monte wrote this one - and it's deep. Wasn't on the album, but would have probably been on the 2nd one.

Shadow - Man of Glass - Unplugged - 2003

Shadow - Halloween - Unplugged - 2003
Another tune written by Jason Penner. This song didn't make the shortlist for the Iron Umbrella LP, but it most definitely would have been on our 2nd record had we made one. Originally called "Halloween", and later renamed simply "Shadow", this song is about a guy who kills prostitutes because God told him to. We worked some cool things toward the end of this unplugged version ... :)

Shadow - The Soldier - Unplugged - 2003
An intimate remake of our most popular crowd tune - The Soldier. If you've ever served in the military, you'll get it.

Shadow - Fate of Evil - Unplugged - 2003

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