When It Absolutely, Positively, Must Soak in the Rain Overnight

fedex_logo.gifEveryone loves a good “bad customer service” story. Unless, of course, you are the customer. Bad customer service stories are abound these days in the blogosphere, and I was hesitant to contribute to that pile. That is, until the goat rodeo we experienced last night with FedEx.

The “Ex” in FedEx in mind now represents “-ex”, as in they are our “ex-shipper.” We’ve had it. Here is the relatively short version.

My wife logs into our online FedEx.com account on Thursday night and arranges a pickup for the next day. The next morning (Friday), she places the package outside the front door and goes about her business. FedEx was scheduled to pick up the package by close of business (COB) that day (Friday).

5:00pm rolls around and the package is still on our doorstep. My wife calls FedEx and inquires as to why the package hasn’t been picked up. Their response was that “it should be picked up by 6pm, and we shouldn’t worry.” Okay, sounds good.

6:00pm rolls around, and the package is still out on the front step. She calls FedEx again to complain. The “customer service” representative informed her that someone would be by that evening to pick it up. Okay, whatever. We went about our business. We figured a “watched pot never boils”, and after all, we’re talking about FedEx here. No need to worry, right?

This morning (Saturday) we woke up and guess what? Not only was our package still on the front door step, but it was now soaking wet due to some overnight rains.

We call FedEx. The representative informed us that there was nothing they could do to get it out over the weekend, we’d have to wait until Monday. We complained. And complained some more. We got forwarded to someone in the “customer advocacy department.” They told us the same thing. “Sorry, you’ve missed the cutoff. Since you’re shipping ground, it will be Monday until we can pick it up.”

We asked them could they upgrade the shipping to express (duh, since this was their mistake!) and come pick it up over the weekend. Their response?

“Sorry, there is nothing we can do.”

We’ll no longer be shipping packages via FedEx. We’re going back to Brown and Blue.

This is the 4th time (and last time) that FedEx has missed a pickup from us.

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  1. Michael Schaffner · December 31, 2006 at 12:41 pm


    There seemingly empathetic response of “Sorry, there is nothing we can do.” is truly ridiculous. Of course there was something you could do – you even told them what. What they were really saying is”There is nothing we will do.” A slight change in wording be a big change in message. When you look at it in these terms there real customer service orientation is obvious.


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