Top 10 Questions on Web 2.0

web20.jpgWith all of the excitement, hype, buzz, and what not surrounding Web 2.0, I get asked a lot of questions about it as I am out there networking, doing speaking engagements, etc. So, I thought I’d put together a short list of the 10 most popular questions that everyone is asking me about Web 2.0. This is also an exercise to remind you all that I don’t live, eat, and breathe business and technology 24/7.  I do actually have a sense of humor … as contorted as it is.

10. Is it a drop-in replacement upgrade for Web 1.0? I must have missed the announcement on Web 1.5, so I guess I am still running the old version. What is the easiest upgrade path?

9. Is there a scalable, extensible, “enterprise” version available? I’d like to be able to run it at the office. Also, are the licenses sold on a per-seat basis?

8. Is it open-source, and available under the GPL? Further, how does it fit into my LAMP stack? Does it replace Apache?

7. Where can I get the best price on Web 2.0? I’ve tried CompUSA and New Egg, but they can’t seem to keep it in stock. Amazon doesn’t yet have it listed, for some strange reason. Also, can I pre-order it on DVD, or is it only available on CD? Also, will there be there a commemorative collector’s edition or box set?

6. How secure is it? Can I get a virus if I click on it? Am I going to land on more spam mailing lists if I upgrade?

5. Is there a beta program available? I’d like to sign up to help beta test Web 2.5b when it becomes available.

4. What is the support policy? If I have trouble installing it, or running it, who do I call, the manufacturer, the OEM, or the reseller?

3. What are the minimum system requirements? I have not yet updated my XP install to SP2, and my Linux box is still running the 2.4 kernel. I heard in some early reports that Web 2.0 was a memory hog – should I bump up the RAM in my system?

2. Will there be a multiplayer version available? Also, are there any addons or expansion packs planned?

1. What is the exchange policy? If I don’t like it, can I get a refund within 30 days, provided I have the original packaging and a receipt?

Of course, if you are content with what Web 1.0 is giving you now, then you could always save yourself the hassle, and take advantage of Moore’s Law. Skip this upgrade, and wait for Web 3.0, which will probably be available by the time you are getting comfortable with Web 2.0! :D

What Web 2.0 questions would you like to ask!?



  1. Scott,

    I have my own series of questions regarding this latest release of the Web.

    Is Web2.0 Backwards Compatible?

  2. Brilliant! A great read … sick minds apparently do think alike. :)


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