Strategic Blogging for Startups

atdc_logo.gifThis Wednesday (Nov. 1st) I’ll be presenting at the ATDC’s monthly “brown bag lunch and learn.” The topic will be “strategic blogging for startups,” and will focus on how startup ventures can take advantage of certain trends in blogging to jumpstart their efforts. Hopefully, it will be a lively discussion, since I’m wrapping a few real-world case studies into the mix.

I always like going down to the ATDC. I love running into old friends, and making some new ones. But more importantly, I simply like being around other entrepreneurs. There is an unmistakable energy or vibe that you pick up when you are around like-minded people of any classification. It is a nice way for me, as an entrepreneur, to recharge my own batteries a bit.

If you will be attending, I look forward to seeing you there! Thanks to Cindy, Tony, and the rest of the ATDC gang for inviting me to come down and hang out for a while.



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