I know that many of you (including me) have been trying to enjoy the holidays and relax a bit. However, I wanted to interrupt your holiday programming to let you know that for the past couple of months we’ve been heads down working on the next version of the site.

In short, we are putting the finishing touches on what will be an unbelievable online social platform and community. I don’t want to get into too many details right now, but it will go far beyond the simple blog and podcast that we have running currently. We’re really taking the whole thing to a completely different model.

Stay tuned … :)



  1. Scott, you’re such a big tease! :-)

    Looking forward to the new lounge. Who is the target of the social network?

  2. Hi Paul!

    The platform will really be aimed at serving the needs of our core constituency – early-stage entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, angels, and even service providers. We are taking a slightly different approach to the typical online social network, so this is an experiment of sorts. It brings certain elements from Amerigate (one of my old businesses), HiddenMarket (my own experiment), and what we’re donig at

    I hope to post some more info and screenshots soon. I hope things are going well for you – let’s catch up soon. I’d love to pick your brain a bit and get your input firsthand.


  3. Thank you for not saying we are taking it to the next level.

  4. Look forward to the new site and some new podcasts. I’d love to see the forum (or whatever the version will be) take off.

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