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In just a few hours, I’ll board a plane with 3 or 4 others from our team to head from Atlanta to Los Angeles, where we’ll be participating in WIRED’s NextFest. We’ll be joining the PlayMotion advance party which is already on the ground getting everything setup.

This year, we’re demo’ing something very, very cool indeed. Flight of the Pegasus is a demo of our new crowd-based larger-than-life video gaming. Using no props, just your body, you and a group of friends will compete against each other as you fly a Pegasus up Mount Olympus on two large 16 foot tall screens. The course is complete with olive trees, greek architecture, and a screaming Zeus who is hell bent on teaching you to fly one of these things :)


On the other side of the event, we’ll have an identical setup, with another crowd of folks, and they will compete against the other group. Nothing like using your body to interact with others over distance (I’ll leave you to ponder the profoundness of that).

I’m terribly proud of our team. They’ve worked extremely hard over the past few months gearing up for this event. Couldn’t ask for a better bunch … from slinging code, constructing 3D models, and creating/integrating all the voiceover stuff, they really pushed themselves against a very tight timeline.

I’ll post some photos and video at some point. My schedule is booking up while I’m out there, but I may be able to pull some stuff together during the evenings. Otherwise, I’ll be sure to post some stuff when we get back next week.

At any rate, it should be a ton of fun. At last check, there will be around 60,000 people coming to the show. If you’re heading out to NextFest, stop by and see us! We’ll have one setup on the actual show floor, as well as another in the Lounge area.


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  1. Allen Ulbricht ยท September 12, 2007 at 1:35 pm

    Good luck in LA! I know it’s going to be a hit… especially with that screaming Zeus.

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