Movin’ on …

The rumor mill in the Atlanta technology community has been working overtime. I think there were people who knew I was going to do this before I did. Well, here is the official announcement, I guess.

After three years of blood, sweat, and tears at StarPound, I’ve decided that it’s time to move on.

We achieved a great number of successes over the past few years, and I’m incredibly proud of the entire team. When I joined the company, it was a 3 person company (that had been whittled back from 80 or so at one point) Our initial VC had long written off their original $4M investment, with that particular fund approaching sunset. The product wasn’t really complete, and subsequently, there were no customers.

Since then, we:

Even more importantly, we came together as a team and overcame an almost unimaginable collection of obstacles. We truly became friends for life and created an amazing company culture. When you see each other more than you see your own families, suffice it to say you tend to form very strong bonds. This is largely why this decision was incredibly difficult for me to make.

My reasons for leaving are varied. Some are personal, some are professional. Nevertheless, my departure is very amicable, and I feel that I am leaving the company in significantly better shape than it was when I joined. I may remain involved on the board, or as an adviser, which is cool. I’ll be working with the team over the next month or so to transition everything and to reach our next development milestone.

So, what’s next for me? Well, the first thing on the agenda is our first family vacation in almost seven years. Definitely way past due.

One of the side effects of becoming completely immersed in any effort is that it can become an incredible time sink. If you know me at all, you know that I really enjoy working with the larger startup community on various things (StartupLounge, TI:GER, various business plan competitions, lecturing/speaking, mentoring, coaching, etc.) Unfortunately, a lot of those activities had to take a back seat for a while. I’m definitely looking forward to re-engaging with the community that I loved so dearly.

Beyond that, I have a few ideas I’m tossing around, and a few other irons in the fire, as it were – so we’ll see.

Thanks to everyone on the StarPound team for all of your hard work and sacrifices over the past few years. I wish you all the very best!



  1. You will be missed, Burkett!

  2. Best of luck on whatever you do. I know you’ll kick ass as always! and have a great, long over due vacation..

  3. Good luck with your next venture, please let me know if I can help in anyway, as you have always helped me. Enjoy your vacation with your family.
    We are in the process of trying to raise angel money right now. We can do with a little assistance when you return.

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