Mornin’ Cup: Keeping a Tidy House

coffee.gifIt has been just a short while since I made the decision to publish my own professional blog. Thus far, the experience has been extremely gratifying. In addition to enjoying the creative outlet that blogging represents, I have also have the pleasure of “virtually” meeting a lot of new people. I had no idea that blogs could gain traction so quickly. I thought I had two readers at the most, but it turned out to be three! All kidding aside, I appreciate all of your kind emails. The general consensus among visitors seems to be that there aren’t a whole lot of executives out there blogging. A shame, but hopefully some more will come around to the idea.

This is as good a time as any to toss out a short plug for Toby Bloomberg. In addition to being the brains and brawn behind Bloomberg Marketing, Toby is a world-class blogger. She operates her blog called the Diva Marketing Blog. There, you can find all manners of ramblings about blogging strategies, the arts, marketing, and female entrepreneurship. Good stuff! I bring her up in this article because I think Toby and I are two of only a handful of Atlanta executives that are actively blogging. If you have an interest in marketing, blogging, etc., check out her site, you won’t be disappointed.

As I browse from one blog to the next, I notice a few things that seem to generalize the larger “blogosphere.” First, while there are millions of blogs out there, most of them are “personal” in nature. There is nothing wrong with this, but it makes finding value-added business blogs a very difficult endeavor, to say the least. To really find some good substance out there, you can spend hours upon hours wading through personal notes, photos, podcasts created in the food courts of shopping malls, and of course, the proverbial music, book, and DVD favorites lists. There are some exceptions to this, but good blogs can be hard to find.

I met with a fellow Atlanta executive yesterday, and when I brought up the subject of professional “blogging”, he was quick to state his dislike for blogs. In essence, it boiled down to perceptions. When he went to the net to do research on the blog craze, he was inundated with an ocean of non-professional blogs. I assured him that there was tremendous value to be had in professional blogging, but I’m not sure he bought into it.

Also, most bloggers are not very well-versed in new media, publishing, or web design. As a result, their blogs tend to be “busy” and a bit “over-the-top”, shall we say. Even some of the better business bloggers out there could use some help. Aside from being victims of poor design to begin with, their blogs are crammed with information overload; posts, comments, ads, blogrolls, tag clouds, linkbacks, widgets, wadgets, and random bits of this and that. Font size and color seems to be another source of inconsistency.

The blog you are reading now (The Pothole) will buck this trend. It will remain a clutter-free place. You will not be able to browse my music collection or Netflix queue, or view pictures of my dog; instead, the content will be fresh and relevant to Atlanta business-folk. I am not here to “make money” from my blog, so you will never see any third party advertisements. All of the posts will be formatted in a consistent manner, and it will always be presented in an organized fashion.

I feel that if someone takes the time out of their busy day to come and read my business ramblings, I should at least keep a tidy home for them. After all, if you knocked on the door of my house, I would feel the same way. Can you imagine walking into someone’s house and seeing advertising billboards on the wall, their top ten books, DVDs, and CDs curiously arranged by the front door, and having the host throw a pile of papers at you? I can’t.


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  1. Scott – many thanks for your kind words about me and Diva Marketing. You are so right, one of the joys and benefits that I’ve also found thru blogging is the opportunity to meet smart, wondeful people. Like you!

    I’ve also only come across a few Atlanta business bloggers. Perhaps we can coordinate an Atlanta biz blogger meet-up? Appreciate the “pothole’ – it’s a great way to stay up to date on our local business news and more.

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