Michael Turner Owning Michael Blake

My StartupLounge.com partner in crime Mike Blake is gonna hate me for this, but I can’t help myself.

Besides sharing a deep-rooted passion for helping entrepreneurs, we also share a fanatical love of video games – good ones, bad ones, doesn’t matter.  Lately, we’ve been playing Madden NFL 2009 a few nights a week on our XBOX 360s.  Good stuff.  Gotta love Internet play.

I always play the Falcons, because, well, I’m a real fan.  I’ve been a Falcons fan since the pre-Bartkowski days when Auburn QB standout Pat Sullivan warmed up the bench behind Bob Lee and Kim McQuilken.  Blake tends to rotate his teams from night to night – but lately, he’s been fond of trotting out the Raiders.

Madden 09 has a great post-game feature that lets you take any play from the game and turn it into a highlight reel.  You can choose the camera angle and what not, and then publish to EASportsWorld.com for sharing. 

Lately we’ve been having some pretty competitive games – many of them coming down to the wire. Big surprise – the risk taking entrepreneur (me) is usually going for it on anything less than 4th and 5 outside of my own 20. The conservative finance guy (Mike) won’t hesitate to trot out the punter. He usually wins in the end, mostly because I can’t control my urge to roll the dice.

But the other night, I got my revenge.

Here is my inaugural video recording – a single back formation, halfback draw to Michael “The Burner” Turner, who breaks no less than 4 tackles and victimizes the Mike Blake-led Raiders defense on his way to a 63 yard TD run. Booyah!

EA SPORTS World: Madden 09 Video Highlight

Sorry, Mike – couldn’t resist :)


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  1. So you decided to go public…. Of course you realize, this means WAR

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