Georgia Venture Capital Trends Dashboard

dashboard.gifI’m pleased to announce the first public version of a nifty little tool I’ve been working on (here and there) for a while. At the top of the home page here at The Pothole you’ll see my new “Georgia VC Trends Dashboard.”

Clicking on the charts will bring up the detail behind it, along with some notes on how to interpret it. If you have suggestions on how to make this tool better, drop a comment in this post!

Of course, the obvious trend that you can see right now is the continued drop in early stage deals, and the pronounced rise in later stage deals.



  1. I really dig this! Any chance of releasing this as a plugin for WordPress and tying it into other states? I wouldn’t mind using this on my site.

  2. Not a bad idea. I may play around with that a bit.


  3. I would like to use this for other data, love the look & feel. Is it based on any other existing plug-in I could check out?

  4. The charts were crudely generated by libGD pulling the data from a MySQL database on the backend.

    The popup and tab interface I creatively “borrowed” from Alex King’s great “Share-It” plugin for WordPress.


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