Down to the Mat: Brainless Job Postings

wrestler.gifHaving been in the technology industry for nearly 20 years, I am on just about every spaminous mailing list known to mankind. Many of them are from recruiters (this is both good, and bad.) This brainless job posting arrived in my inbox the other day (see the parts I’ve highlighted in red.)


Your tasks:
The HTML Programmer helps create HTML coding of existing website pages as well as assisting in the development of new sites. Additional responsibilities include coding enhancements as well as troubleshooting existing code and creating new efficient code that will function on multiple web browsers and platforms.

Other duties include:
– Update existing web content in day-to-day production
– Build pages from the ground up by translating original designs from graphics designers
– Tests pages on several browser and platform combinations
– Edits content management templates as needed

Our “Must Have” requirements:
– Bachelor’s Degree
– Minimum of four (4+) years experience as a Front-end Developer with HTML hand-coding pages for a $50+ million B2C eTailer
– Minimum of four (4+) years experience with CSS
– Portfolio of published pages of work within the past 12 months
– Basic understanding of embedding media content into
– HTML pages such Flash and Real Audio clips
– Knowledge of Adobe Photoshop/Image Ready/Page Maker with an emphasis in web design
– Working knowledge primarily PC platform, but also knowledge working on MAC
– Ability to work on multiple projects under tight deadlines
– Able to work in a fast paced, sales driven environment
– Detail oriented, very organized, and a fast learner


First off, HTML is not a programming language – it is a markup syntax. Big difference. You don’t “code” HTML. Nevertheless, this is a pet peeve that I’ve learned to live with over the years.

More importantly, look at the item in red, in the “must have” section. Since when did domain experience become a preqrequisite for doing HTML markup? I’m struggling to understand why this person would need “HTML coding” experience within a $50M+ B2C eTailer in order to be successful in this position? That is like saying I will only hire someone as a forklift operator if they did it for a $50B beverage retailer. Huh?

One … two … three …. ding, ding, ding. I’m off the mat.


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  1. Emmett Childress ยท November 17, 2006 at 2:34 pm

    I been in the IT business for 15 years. I have received and been involded in far too many stupid exchanges like the one you descibe. I hope your new venture pushes these folks out of the business for good. It really annoys me that an individual will claim to represent your bestinterest when the only interest they have at heart is their own. I can’t believe clients continue to pay for this stupidity.

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