5 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Me

questionmark.pngA game of “tag” has been going on within the Blogosphere where the tagged person lists five things about themselves that are not generally known and then tags five more people to do the same. I have been “tagged” by fellow tech blogger Mike Shaffner, who runs the “Beyond Blinking Lights and Acronyms” blog (great name, Mike!).

I don’t normally post these sorts of things, as I make a serious effort to keep my writings of a purely professional nature (per my very first blog post). Nevertheless, I thought this might be a fun departure. I guess I’m in a weird anti-me mood today. :)

So here are five things you probably didn’t know about me (and probably didn’t want to know):

  1. I’ve hiked the Appalachians through three states.
  2. I am an oil painter. I have fun abstracting from nature, en plein air.
  3. I am a musician – I sing, as well as play the drums, guitar, and piano. I have a recording studio in my basement, and back in the 1980s, I recorded a vinyl LP in Europe.
  4. I set a unit record while in Army boot camp for disassembling an M1911 (Colt .45) in 4 seconds.
  5. When I was much younger (20 years ago), I spun records (“DJ” for you younger people) in a rock and roll club in Germany (The Green Goose)

With that I now tag 5 other bloggers:

Thanks, Mike, for including me. I now officially duck, and pass the buck to the five unfortunate souls above. :)



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