Guest Tech/Business Bloggers

In an effort to broaden the content coverage and viewpoints presented here at The Pothole, we’ll soon be featuring articles by other Atlanta-area business and technology leaders.

We have lined up a number of guest bloggers already, and are continuing to look at others who may be interested in participating. This is a great way to get your message out, but not have to deal with running and maintaining your own business blog.

Up first, we’ll have a great article by Derek Haynes of Highgroove Studios. The Highgroove gang are making some great strides in driving the Ruby and Ruby on Rails movement here in the Atlanta tech community. As our first guest blogger, Derek will talk directly to you CIOs and other tech decision makers as to the benefits of the Ruby on Rails framework. I know most of you are wrapped up (and heavily invested) in Java and .NET, but you have to see Ruby on Rails to believe it.

If you or your organization have an interest in participating, and feel that you have some content that marries well with the themes of this blog (see sidebar under the logo), by all means let me know!



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