Georgia Startup Profiles

persistence_smaller.gifI have decided to launch a new section here at The Pothole. I am borrowing the concept from fellow entrepreneur and investor, Alex “Semper Fi” Muse, at Spur, who runs the Texas VC blog. This new section will contain profiles of local technology startup companies.

There will be a small twist on Alex’ theme, though. There will be short interviews with the founders, with a focus on the entrepreneurial aspects of their business. I have modeled these short interviews after the questions asked originally by French talk show host Bernard Pivot, and popularized by James Lipton on Bravo’s “Inside the Actor’s Studio.” Fun!

Additionally, at the end of each profile, I will also include a short blurb on the company, its product or service, and what entrepreneurs can learn by studying them.

Stay tuned! I hope to get the first post out later this week.



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