Oh, How I’ve Missed That Feeling!

weightworld.gifWhen building a new company, there is an unmistakable feeling you get when you reach the launch date. When those first users are in there, you feel like the weight of the world is off your shoulders. This is the closest that men can ever get to actually birthing a baby. On the other hand, there is the unmistakable punch in the gut that reminds you that the games are just beginning.

We launched HiddenMarket into public beta yesterday! At several points yesterday, I was asked how I felt (by various people). Here are some of the words that I used to describe that unmistakable range of feelings:

Tired/drained/spent, hungry (literally and figuratively), excited/thrilled, pumped/stoked, blessed/fortunate, pissed off/chaffed, curious/anxious.

You don’t really know whether to love it or hate the experience. It simply is what it is. I suppose it is a bit of both.

The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing. — Walt Disney

The requisite goofy post-launch self-portrait of Jerry and I.

Some press release love follows:

HiddenMarket Launches First Social Business Intelligence Network

HiddenMarket Group, Inc., an Atlanta-based technology start-up, launched the open beta of HiddenMarket.com today. The free, first-of-its-kind social business intelligence network helps members tap into the vast “hidden market” of business news, information, resources, and opportunities.

HiddenMarket Founder and CEO Scott Burkett explained, “70-80% of job openings aren’t posted in the public domain and word of mouth is a key driver of informal sales leads, business intelligence and business opportunities. Even the most dedicated networkers can’t be everywhere. So in spite of someone’s best networking efforts they could be missing out on the perfect job, or the sales lead that could turn into their biggest customer.”

“Everyone knows that networking is the surest catalyst for career and business success,” said Jerry Recht, HiddenMarket Vice President of Business Development. “The key to successful networking is the groups with whom people affiliate, from professional trade associations to church groups to alumni associations. These groups provide an environment where individuals connect based on shared values, interests and objectives. Those connections lead to mutually beneficial relationships where exchanges of valuable information take place.”

The key to HiddenMarket’s success, the founders believe, is a unique model that simulates a real world networking environment. Individuals join the HiddenMarket community according to the groups with whom they are affiliated. They also have the option of joining as individuals or creating their own groups. Members decide with whom they want to share information, whether it’s just one individual, people on one or more of their friends lists, one of their groups, several groups or the whole community. Conversely, members can receive information based on criteria they define to ensure they only receive information that is relevant to their interests and objectives.

The way Burkett sees it, “Most business networks are essentially databases. HiddenMarket is a community. By leveraging the power of the Internet to facilitate relationships we think HiddenMarket.com has the potential to transform the way people do business.”.




  1. Hi Scott,

    Really interested in the new venture – but alas, my UK residency has prevented me from signing up and checking it out! Any plans for allowing non-US people into the fun?

    Paul Gage
    Strategy Director

  2. Hi there, Paul. Yes, we are about to push some changes across that will provide better support for international users. In the meantime, just put in whatever you’d like, so you can go ahead and get in there. :)

    You can always change it later.


  3. Emmett Childress · November 16, 2006 at 2:04 pm

    Congrats! I came back to the site after being away for a month and wow! I’m looking for a web host for a site I’m launching here in Atlanta. Have any suggestions?

  4. Hi there, Emmett – and welcome back to the ATL. :)

    If you are looking to co-locate any servers, we highly recommend Capital Internet (capitalinternet.com). They are located just north of the Perimeter on Roswell Road.

    If you are looking to lease space on a server, no need to stay in Atlanta – shop for the best price. :)


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