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I’ve started watching (Chef Gordon) Ramsey’s Kitchen Nightmares on BBC on my cable package. Although I started watching because cooking is a hobby of mine and I’ve always been fascinated by the restaurant business (when I worked at McDonald’s as a kid, I loved it), it has struck me how wonderfully educational the program is for entrepreneurs in general.

(note – Chef Ramsey does a reality show on Fox called Hell’s Kitchen – not the same show at all)

The premise of the show is Ramsey, a celebrity chef and owner of multiple high profile restaurants around the world, visits small restaurants that are failing and provides 7 days of consulting to turn them around. I’ve noticed several themes that have clear parallels with entrepreneurial ventures in general. For example:

If you’re interested in becoming a more skilled entrepreneur, I highly recommend watching this entertaining and edcuational show. My wife Cordelia, who also loves entrepreneurship, is also hooked and it’s become quality time for me and the Mrs.

I’ve found good lessons for me as a manager from the show. You may also.

— mike


  1. You must be joking – what Ramsay does in not even close to reality or what successful restaurateurs really do. You also should check your facts. Ramsay has some restaurants, but his failures are out there too. Most of the new ventures become high profile due to his celebrity status, not his entrepreneurial skills. Many of the points you make are accurate, but if you think that happens in seven days or that Ramsay is a miracle worker, check the status of the last 20 or 30 restaurants he “made over”.

  2. I’m sure Mike will chime in here, since he wrote the original post, but … I don’t think he was trying to say that Ramsay is a good “restaraunteur”, but rather, the things he tends to focus on are useful for entrepreneurs in general.

    I haven’t seen the show, but the bullets Mike presented above are all solid advice for any entrepreneur.


  3. If you re-read the post, I think you”ll find that my post is not saying “Gordon Ramsey is a genius and this is how all successful restaurants are operated.” I said he is owner of multiple high profile restaurants around the world. In fact, I made no claim as to whether they are successful at all. I furthermore made no claim at all as to whether Ramsey’s new ventures succeed or fail due to celebrity status or entrepreneurial skills, I don’t have access to the facts to say that definitively. If you do have access to such facts, then I’ll defer to your superior knowledge. In fact, I’d be grateful if you’d share that information.

    As you note, however, the key of the post is the lessons contained in the show, many of which are brought home by the fact that many of the restaurants that Ramsey consults do fail, and in my opinion, because the owners and staff refuse to follow his advice.

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